Behind oil, the clothing industry is the second largest producer of pollution in the world. After doing more research I found that more sites disagree with this fact then agree, but no matter what, it is still a big problem and something needs to be done. I have always been fascinated with fashion, but when I learned this fact about a year ago, my interest turned to learning about pollution related to the clothing industry. I became inspired to change the industry so it is not as bad for the environment. I have also noticed how the retail industry has evolved with the improvement of technology. It is now possible to shop for clothing from a phone whereas before the internet, people had to go to a store to buy something. This industry and its environmental impacts are hard to keep up with because they change so rapidly. Fast fashion is a big problem in the clothing Industry. The problem with fast fashion is that it produces short-lasting apparel that has very short production and sales cycles which cause unique environmental problems. It is expensive and time consuming to switch to environmentally friendly clothing, which means many fast fashion companies are more likely to cut corners with environmentalism. The effects of fast fashion are an increase in water pollution, use of harmful chemicals, and clothing waste.

Here at Truly Fitted we look to make a change with healthier products that will protect the environment.  


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